Optimize your recruiting process with webPDF

Using the recruiting process, i.e. at the internal process in companies regarding personnel and application procedures, we can show how webPDF can be used to simplify the workflow of the responsible employees.

How webPDF can simplify the workflow for you?

webPDF for use in the Human Resource area: Most larger companies rely on targeted and well-organized applicant management. This usually means that a large number of applications arrive via e-mail or an applicant portal.

The disadvantage of online applications, however, is that the processor has to click on each individual document (cover letter, CV, photo, certificates, etc.) individually. For this purpose, a tool such as webPDF can be used (can also be used as an add-on for SAP), which automatically combines all file attachments into one document. The result is that the electronic applications appear just as clearly arranged as a classic application folder.

In concrete terms, this means that it is no longer necessary to open every single file attachment, but that you immediately receive a single document. webPDF makes it possible for all of an applicant’s attachments to be centrally summarized and available, which makes the work of recruiters, personnel employees and managers much easier.

webPDF – The Business Solution for Companies

webPDF is a server-based software solution that is used for PDF creation and further processing as well as for PDF export and printing. webPDF can create PDFs from about 100 different file formats and easily split or join documents. In addition, the creation of PDF/A documents offers the possibility of reasonable and legally compliant long-term archiving.

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