Summary of the online event PDF Days 2021

Last year’s PDF Days once again offered a lot of input and news on the topic of PDF developments. In addition to the PDF ISO standards, the focus was as always on presenting the variety of PDF applications and newly developed solutions. Due to the Covid pandemic, the use of digital technologies has become more widespread and the use of the PDF format has become even more established than it already was.

PDF 3-D specification

An important topic for the PDF Association in 2021 will continue to be the embedding of 3D models in PDF/A-4 documents. This was also a topic at the PDF Days. Among other things, the question of what the future might look like for this format (in the AEC sector, i.e. architecture, engineering and construction) was discussed. Here it was also about creating the transition and cooperation between 2D and 3D formats, i.e. about bringing architects (who think in 3D) and engineers (who think in 2D) together. It was also about integration with other formats and new use cases and industry applications.

You can find out more about using 3D content with Acrobat here: or directly in the video on the topic:

Successful online event with closing in October 2021

Once again this year, it was possible to attend high-quality presentations on PDF technology in addition to cultivating contacts. Over a period of several weeks from 27 September 2021, participants were able to focus on everything to do with PDF technology, whereby the range of topics was particularly varied. The PDF Days are known for high-quality presentations and training. During all Technical Days presentations, the online audience had the opportunity to ask questions.

In addition to the question of how to create PDF documents with HTML, the Arlington PDF model was presented in detail. Further topics were the PDF/R format and the modernisation of print production. The topics of low code, challenges in PDF/A conversion and validation and more on the topic of e-mail archiving were also discussed. Individual PDF sub-formats were discussed and one had the opportunity to get an overview of open source PDF solutions. A major topic was accessibility and PDF/UA. In addition to cloud solutions, there was also an opportunity to discuss the authenticity of content and PDF and how digital signatures can be validated in PDF or how e-signing can be made interoperable.

Tip: Playlist PDF Days 2021 with all webinars

If you missed the PDF Days, you can now watch the webinars afterwards via the YouTube playlist of this year’s PDF Days 2021 to get an overview of all the topics and to immerse yourself in the individual webinars on the respective topics.

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