PDF/UA for customer communication

Business have to specially adapt and process content for proper display on customer mobile devices.

Today’s consumers want relevant information at their fingertips, on the move, and on whichever device they may be using at any given time – be this a smartphone, laptop or tablet. This challenges companies to make content usable on mobile devices and displayable in a manner that is fully accessible.

Businesses with an eye on the future are rethinking the way they communicate with customers and placing greater emphasis on the mobile dissemination of information in order to inaugurate a new generation of dynamic and accessible business documents. Here is where the PDF format is playing a key role, especially PDF/UA as an internationally certified and verifiable format. Right from the outset, people have associated PDF with portability and dependability when it comes to electronic documents. PDF/UA expands on these concepts to include all users and persons with disabilities, as well as applications that intelligently build on and reuse PDF content.

Forward-looking companies have recognized the potential that PDF/UA holds for the way they communicate with their customers. The barrier-free depiction of content on mobile devices lets them attract and access new customer groups and set themselves apart from the competition. Thanks to new technologies, it costs little and is relatively easy to revamp texts and documents to make them accessible. The PDF Association has published an interesting and informative article about this on their website. There you can find out more about intelligently preparing PDF content for mobile applications.