PDF application for your company

What exactly are the advantages of a professional PDF solution for companies? When can you really need such a business solution?

Using webPDF as an example, it can be shown how positive the professional processing of PDF documents can be.

All advantages of a PDF solution such as webPDF at a glance:

  • First of all, every employee can easily create and process PDFs from their workstation.
  • The costs are demonstrably minimized and the use of a uniform format ensures that documents can be exchanged easily and errors can be avoided, even during long-term archiving – The overall workflow improves and document traffic is secure and under control.
  • Ongoing license costs, which are measured by the amount of data traffic, are avoided with webPDF.
  • The central implementation of a webPDF server saves costs and work in terms of installation and administration on client workstations
  • webPDF as a PDF solution can be developed individually for each company and applied to existing systems. You can achieve an optimization of the document workflow in this way.
  • With a central PDF server it is possible to convert all file formats into a PDF format and to edit or export PDF documents.
  • The e-mails of your company are archived in a legally secure manner, you can make graphics, scans or faxes editable and searchable, as well as sign PDF documents and provide them with time stamps.
  • With webPDF you can use all PDF functions in a server application (platform-independent and Java-based).
  • In addition, the webPDF portal can be used to work with the browser on the web. Here you have an extensive range of functions at your disposal.