OCR and the winds of time

OCR and the winds of time

OCR as time goes by: The first machine-readable font was developed for the American government 45 years ago. Much has changed in the world of OCR technology from that time until today. 1968 was a revolutionary year – not just in the sense of political upheaval, but in the history of the computer as well.

Page geometry in PDF documents

Information about the geometry of a PDF document plays an enormously important role in the printing industry Unlike the PDF/A format, which does not explicitly include printing related requirements, the PDF/X standard requires that information about the page’s geometry be specified using page boxes. One of the things these boxes define is where on a


Accessible IT: the latest legal situation

PDF/UA (Universal Accessibility) was formalized in July 2012 as the ISO 14298-1 standard and is the designation for a variety of PDF specifically designed to create accessible PDF documents. This standard provides a uniform description of the requirements that a PDF document must satisfy, and which also fulfills the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. The