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webPDF - 32bit or 64bit?

In addition to the 32bit edition we have also developed a 64bit edition of webPDF, which enables the more efficient use of your system resources. A 64bit system is able to handle a much larger amount of data and to use more memory than a 32bit system. Thus more requests can be processed at the same time and consequently more conversions can be performed at the same time.

Which edition is the right one for you?

The 64bit edition is suitable for you, if...

  • ... webPDF is to be run on a 64bit system,
  • ... you want to perform many conversions at the same time on this system,
  • ... much larger documents are to be converted into PDF,
  • ... you want to use your resources efficiently and
  • ... wish to get the most out of your webPDF.

But if you are using a 32bit system or only need a few converter instances at the same time, the 32bit edition is the right choice for you.