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OCR and the winds of time

OCR as time goes by: The first machine-readable font was developed for the American government 45 years ago. Much has changed in the world of OCR technology from that time until today. 1968 was a revolutionary year – not just in the sense of political upheaval, but in the history of the computer as well.

Virtual machine for rapid deployment

The webPDF virtual machine (VM) is now available in the Download section and in its open virtualization format runs on VMware or VirtualBox. This VM is the fastest and easiest way of rapidly deploying or simply trying out webPDF without having to install anything on your workstation or server. And it can also be set

webPDF 5 – customer wishes come true

The new version webPDF 5.0 is available since 01 September 2013. Version 5.0 brings new web services for OCR and HTML processing for the server-based PDF creation. webPDF meanwhile supports many companies in the conversion and processing of PDF documents. As more and more customers expressed their wishes, we adopted their feedback in webPDF 5.0

PDF web services for software developers

webPDF provides all the developers in your organization with a complete range of web services for creating and managing PDF files, along with the option of integrating these services into your own applications. Providing PDF capabilities as web services goes beyond just adding enormous value to your daily business processes. How they can be used

webPDF – small tool, big impact

The server-based webPDF solution not only makes it a lot easier for users to handle and manage an often overwhelming number of files in different formats, but dramatically improves the daily workflows within your company as well. webPDF lets you centrally manage the overall way your organization uses and interacts with PDF documents. This tool