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webPDF Version 7.0 is here!

The industry’s best platform-independent PDF server has just gotten better. Newly released Version 7 offers a number of long-awaited features, including the new “Barcode” web service and the introduction of bridges for directly converting documents with Microsoft Office. You’ll also be delighted with the completely revised portal whose look and intuitive user guidance, not to mention performance and

An unbeatable team: DEKRA and webPDF

The internationally recognized inspection organization DEKRA recently began using webPDF from SoftVision as a tool for converting its documents to PDF. DEKRA – a world-leading expert organization DEKRA e.V. and its subsidiary DEKRA SE have been dedicated to safety since 1925, when the organization was founded as a vehicle inspection association under the name Deutscher

webPDF meets tools 2015

SoftVision an exhibitor at tools in Berlin tools – the exposition and conference all about the intelligent digital transformation of business processes – was held at the Berlin ExpoCenter City from 16 to 17 June 2015. SoftVision Development GmbH was there at Stand 224 with three of its staff introducing visitors to its centralized and

Converting URLs to PDF

A lot of valuable information can get lost from regular changes in the content of web pages or when entire pages or sites become no longer available. One way of preventing this loss is to locally save the online content as a PDF file. Doing so allows you to prepare specific web content for printing

Digital signatures with the webPDF portal

The webPDF portal makes it easy to digitally sign your PDF documents and its integrated functions fulfill the requirements of both the German Signature Act (SigG) and the European directives on digital signatures. The addition of a digital signature also lets you do document-related work pertaining to legal matters. And, webPDF signatures satisfy all the

Converting graphics texts into searchable PDFs

Optical input devices, such as scanners and digital cameras, mostly produce images in the form of raster graphics. Such graphics may well contain texts that your computer alone cannot process as such, especially in light of the fact that it is impossible to edit or search text within such graphics formats as png and jpg.

Merge files with the webPDF portal

Who hasn’t encountered a variety of information in the course of work that belongs together, but exists as separate files? Classic examples include job applications consisting of a cover letter, resume/CV, a photo of the applicant, and other supporting documentation. Large businesses in particular receive an enormous amount of information that has to be stored

Using webPDF and OCR to convert graphic texts into editable PDF documents

In the course of business you’ll often encounter documents that contain text, but are in a format that computer-based word processing does not support. These sorts of files are mostly images from optical input devices, such as scanners, digital cameras and fax receivers, which are produced in the form of raster graphics. Such texts must

Convert citations and tickets to PDF/A files fully automatically

When the ticket is faster than the speeder. Radar and cameras catch German motorists speeding about three million times a year. The Fines & Citations Office of the city of Leverkusen deals with speeding offenses every day. Most of these violations occur on the bridge that crosses the River Rhine along the A1 autobahn. Here

Optimizing the recruiting process

Technology leader turns to classic job application packages when using SAP e-recruiting Targeted recruiting and an effective applicant management system are essential to any globally operating company seeking to hire the best employees. Whether submitted by e-mail or through the jobs and careers section of a company’s website, electronic applications are now the preferred choice