Watermarks in PDF: making documents unique

Watermarks in PDF: making documents unique

A watermark can be used to mark or brand documents according to individual user needs and wishes. Now you can incorporate a user-defined watermark as an important part of your corporate design. And when you do, you can use a text in a different font, color or size, or even a graphic representation such as

Sending a job application as a PDF

Use a professional format to make a professional impression by preparing and submitting your job application in PDF. Searching for a new career challenge usually involves a great deal of work and effort. Researching interesting employers and job opportunities is not the only thing that costs a lot in terms of time, patience and nerves.

ISO-19005 compact – long-term archiving with PDF/A

Reading tip on the subject of ISO-19005: “PDF/A compact 2.0” The PDF/A format has been ISO-19005 for the long-term archiving of electronic documents since 1 October 2005. The format provides users with the necessary assurance that documents retain their appearance and readability permanently – regardless of which application or system was used to create them.

Create searchable PDFs

Countless employees in companies of all types and sizes are struggling with the same everyday problem. The situation of having to screen, process and file faxes and scanned documents is pervasive in today’s modern business world. Too often corporate information technology departments offer their colleagues either a difficult-to-use solution or none at all for converting

Virtual machine for rapid deployment

The webPDF virtual machine (VM) is now available in the Download section and in its open virtualization format runs on VMware or VirtualBox. This VM is the fastest and easiest way of rapidly deploying or simply trying out webPDF without having to install anything on your workstation or server. And it can also be set

Ensure legal certainty with digital signatures

Times like these when most communications – both of a personal and business nature – are made electronically give rise to the explicit need for the digital signature: one that is unalterable and satisfies the legal requirements of a handwritten signature. The digital signature enables individuals to sign documents electronically. A digital signature is inseparably

webPDF 5 – customer wishes come true

The new version webPDF 5.0 is available since 01 September 2013. Version 5.0 brings new web services for OCR and HTML processing for the server-based PDF creation. webPDF meanwhile supports many companies in the conversion and processing of PDF documents. As more and more customers expressed their wishes, we adopted their feedback in webPDF 5.0